As the global leader in two-way humidity control, Boveda has pioneered a simple yet sophisticated solution for your moisture control needs.

Boveda can be engineered from 13% to 97% Rh, making it useful for a wide variety of applications. The primary results of using Boveda within the packaging of herbal medicine are extended shelf life and quality control through all levels of distribution. Boveda is simple to incorporate into production lines and won’t require any changes in your current packaging. And with the ability to add an oxygen scavenger and food-grade mold inhibitor, it’s perfect for herbal packaging.

The best part is that Boveda is completely maintenance free and very low cost.

Boveda technology works 2-ways. Other products work just 1-way.

There are numerous commercial products on the market that only provide 1-way control, meaning they’ll give off moisture (humidifier) or absorb moisture (desiccant). Neither of them have the ability to regulate. A humidifier (sponge, gel, beads, crystals, silica, wet paper towels) all add moisture to a container, even if it’s already too high. A desiccant removes all moisture. Those conditions are damaging unless you need very high humidity or none at all.

Boveda is based on the scientific principle that certain salts mixed with water will naturally regulate a specific Rh. What they patented was the method that made that science practical and usable for packaging applications. Boveda uses a food-grade thickener and an enclosure film that won’t damage anything through direct contact while only allowing pure water vapor to transfer in and out.

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Natural, safe and environmentally friendly

Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control has been awarded several broad-based patents, both U.S. and International, in the field of non-electronic control of relative humidity within enclosed containers and packages.

The contents are made completely of food-grade materials – salt, water and thickeners. You could eat it, but it wouldn’t taste very good. So we suggest eating using the products inside the packaging that use Boveda.