Med-FRESH is the Master Distributor for Boveda for Herbal Applications and in that role acts strictly as a Wholesaler of Boveda Products. Med-FRESH believes Boveda products are the key addition that maximizes the effectiveness of many packaging solutions by including controlled Humidity Solutions in the packaging solutions. Along these lines Med-FRESH’s goal for our store is to provide as direct as possible links to a variety of packaging solutions that work hand in hand with Boveda Products.

Use the pictures as guide to the packaging products you are interested in and then click on the corresponding link and you go the most direct source possible for that particular packaging solution.

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Concentrate Containers

Concentrate Containers

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Recommended 3rd Party Vendors


420 Packaging, your one-stop Wholesale shop for all your Dispensaries, Collectives, and Co-op packaging needs.


Legal Smoke Shop, the online home of all things heady. From vaporizers to rolling papers, production water pipes and heady glass, detox products and scales, Legal Smoke Shop has it all and so much more!

hq packaging

HQ Packaging

At HQ PACKAGING, we help you succeed by providing high quality unprinted bags, ready for your labels, as well as the most innovative custom printed bags in the industry. If you need something tomorrow, we have millions of bags in stock and will amaze you with our flexibility and timeliness in shipping. Unlike our competitors, we do not charge rush fees, and if we can ship it same-day, we do! All part of how we do business.