Med-FRESH is proud to work with the following companies to bring Boveda Products to the medical cannabis industry. Please take a little time to check on all the additional products they bring to our industry:

Distributors of Boveda

Med-FRESH endorses the efforts of all the following companies

HQ Packaging

HQ Packaging
At HQ PACKAGING, we help you succeed by providing high quality unprinted bags, ready for your labels, as well as the most innovative custom printed bags in the industry. If you need something tomorrow, we have millions of bags in stock and will amaze you with our flexibility and timeliness in shipping. Unlike our competitors, we do not charge rush fees, and if we can ship it same-day, we do! All part of how we do business.
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Green Scene Marketing

The specialists at Green Scene Marketing have been working with businesses in the marijuana industry for over 5 years. Green Scene helps to build an online presence for their customers from social media to website design and marketing.
E-mail: [email protected]
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CHAMPS Trade Shows


For 13 years, CHAMPS TRADE SHOW has been a global trailblazer as the world’s largest and most popular convention for the smoke shop industry. CHAMPS brings hundreds of exhibitors face-to-face with thousands of retail store and wholesale buyers from all over the globe three times a year in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Since 1999, CHAMPS Trade Show is the premier counterculture business-to-business wholesale trade expo for the counterculture industry including tobacco smoking accessories, 420 products, clothing, handblown glass, and many other specialty gift products. CHAMPS highlights include the $27,000” Giveaway and Glass Games showcasing the talents of the world’s greatest glassblowers
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cannalineCannaline is the MMJ industry leader for high quality, affordable packaging specifically designed and manufactured for medical cannabis. Cannaline manufactures all it’s own products including jars, smell proof bags, concentrate containers, and more. All items are available either plain, custom printed, or with state recommended “Best Practices” print.
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Deodorizer Bag

Deodorizer Bag is a discreet black pouch that uses a patented activated charcoal cloth lining to make even the most pungent odors undetectable to the nose. No more embarrassing or compromising situations because of the strong smells.
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Smoke Smell Be Gone’ by Airavida, is the single best solution for managing smoke odors. It is a convenient, safe and effective remedy against those tough smoke smells. Smoke odors created from cigarettes, cigars, shi-sha, pipes, and any other smoke related products are eliminated instantly. Unlike air freshners which only mask odors temporarily, Smoke Smell Be Gone “Unique Natural Extract Technology” destroys smoke odors at the source. Smoke Smell Be Gone is non-flammable.
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Vaportek, Inc.

Since 1979, Vaportek has built on a strong foundation by adapting its environmentally preferable technology to versatile delivery systems and adding complementary liquid products that combine to provide preferred air treatment for a variety of markets.
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Marijuana Seeds Magazine

Ganja Growers is a magazine that contains terrific articles and information about growing cannabis. There are recommendations about reputable Marijuana Seeds and Seed Banks. Join their site and receive free newsletters about offers monthly about seed specials and discounts to some of the best Seed Banks in the Medical Marijuana industry.
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