Louie Marchese, CEO of Med-Fresh Inc., will be giving a lecture on humidity and proper cannabis storage at the up coming Oregon Cannabis Convention.

This is a free event with can food donation to proceed the Oregon Food Bank.

Event Details:

Oregon Cannabis Convention
September 5th-6th, 2014

Portland Expo Center

2060 N Marine DR
Portland, OR 97217

Cannabis and Controlled Humidity

There are 2 major areas of importance with the use of controlled humidity and cannabis.

The first area of importance is the ability to control marijuana weight losses and fluctuations. By using any RH humidity level in your package you are able to set a weight point and no that your cannabis weight will not fluctuate. This is very bid issue in the commercial cannabis world. You can package your cannabis properly with airtight packaging so that it can be stored long term and your weight will not change.

The second area of importance is in the aesthetics’ of your cannabis. By using controlled humidity; and more specifically using RH62% in your cannabis storage, after your cannabis has been completely and thoroughly dried and when you introduce your marijuana to your favorite packaging solution by controlling the relative humidity at RH62% inside your cannabis you will create an environment to naturally maximize and enhance the curing process. This will enable you age your cannabis similar to a fine wine. RH62% locks in the best smell, taste and color possible naturally.

Will try and discuss a few different approaches to drying cannabis and when is the best time to introduce controlled humidity to your cannabis storage.

Of course a great visual presentation helps in creating the highest possible market value of your cannabis.

Boveda-62Boveda RH62% offers one of the simplest, accessible and affordable solution to maintain RH62% in all your packaging needs. RH62% is the magic humidity percentage.

For larger commercial growers who have large quantities of cannabis for prolonged periods of time by combing controlled humidity and nitrogen to your cannabis you have the ability to suspend the curing or aging process until you are ready.