Med-Fresh, Inc. is a privately-held corporation based in Anaheim, CA and founded with the purpose of the application of technology to herbal cures. We support research and the development of similar applications of Boveda’s technology in herbal and generic medicines and supplements.

Presently Researching & Developing Med-FRESH’s own Controlled Humidity Solution Product line.

Med-FRESH introduced the concept of using Controlled Humidity Solutions to enhance and maximize proper storage techniques for Cannabis by convincing Boveda (then Humidipak) of the value of using controlled humidity for Cannabis with Boveda products. Med-FRESH then entered into an open ended agreement to develop the Cannabis market for Controlled Humidity by becoming the Master Distributor of( Humidipak) Boveda products for the Cannabis application in 2007.

In 2011 after being giving prototype samples of RH62% Med-FRESH was able to identify the value of RH62% for Cannabis and was able to convince Boveda to start production of RH62%. Med-FRESH then introduced RH62% Controlled Humidity to the Cannabis world through the Boveda product line.

In August of 2015 Med-FRESH decided it was time to terminate their relationship with Boveda and switched to full time research and development of their own Controlled Humidity Solution product line.

National Distributor for Boveda/Humidipak for Herbal Applications from 2007 – August 2015.
Worked with Boveda/Humidipak to Bring RH62% Controlled Humidity Disposable Units to the Medical Cannabis World

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