Med-FRESH went to Denver this year is to participate in 420 Events. Denver and Colorado have become center stage in the spotlight in the Cannabis world with their laws regarding legal recreational use of Cannabis.

There were 2 back to back events this year during 420 week: 1) BIG, a Business to Business Trade Show and 2) the High Times Cannabis Cup, Boveda Packs in Jarsan open to the general public event.

Med-FRESH had booths at both events. We flew in Wednesday 4/16/14 and went straight to BIG and started working. BIG did not have very many retail store people in attendance but because of the combined BIG and Cup events, there was a very eclectic crowd drawn to Denver.

Since Med-FRESH is the Master Distributor for the Cannabis Application for Boveda, even the low turn out of retail business people was not too disappointing because there was a wide range of other type of business people in attendance including other distributors, etc. BIG was a productive 2 days with lots of networking worked in.

Med-FRESH was lucky enough to get rooms at the hotel right next door to the show so the logistics for both events were very simple.

High Times put together about the best event we have done with them at this show. The organizational side was improved, the location was much better than last year and except for some weather issues, the show went very well with an interesting mix of vendors.

Med-FRESH went to the AA Packaging sponsored party on 4/16 and mingled with a wide variety of industry people, on Thursday we went to the NORML Fundraiser featuring Cheech and Chong and the Family Stone Band. The entertainment was great.

On Friday Med-FRESH attended a private after hours party at the Ibake Lounge which was very informative and a lot of fun.

Between the shows and the evening events we were able to get a decent taste of Colorado Cannabis Culture.Med Fresh Boveda Setup Last year on our 2 trips to Denver for the HT Cup and the CHAMPS show, cannabis was legal but not readily accessible to the general public. This year was completely different and much improved.

We were able to see much more cannabis and one of the biggest things we noticed was how dry most of the cannabis in Colorado was. This is too bad and why we were there to offer a solution to dry cannabis.

For us, the challenge is: how do we get our message out about cannabis and controlled humidity and our solution through Boveda Products?

We gave out 6,600 samples and tried to talk with every one we could. I personally gave a Boveda sample and 60 second “elevator pitch” to every dispensary that participated at the cup.

We are gearing up for the San Francisco Cup taking place in Santa Rosa the weekend of June 28th.