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No longer Researching & Developing Med-FRESH’s own Controlled Humidity Solution Product line..

Med-FRESH found a major flaw in the existing Controlled Humidity Technology. Med-FRESH set out to eliminate the flaw but was unsuccessful. Med-FRESH worked with dual research teams both in US and China simultaneously. Med-FRESH was unable to improve the technology to the standard they felt was required. Med-FRESH has completed testing and analysis for Shenzhen Chunwang Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd., they picked up Med-FRESH’s R&D after Med-FRESH stopped researching. Unfortunately although they implemented many changes they were not able to eliminate the core flaw of the technology.

Every existing technology on the market has the same inherent flaw. The RH level created inside the container is not stable at all and the RH levels are subject to big RH level swings. So much so that using Controlled Humidity Products can actually have a negative effect on Cannabis and be harmful to long term storage of Cannabis. Med-FRESH believes the only safe way to utilize Controlled Humidity Products with Cannabis is for adding moisture and setting an RH level but not leaving any of the existing Controlled Humidity with your Cannabis after your Cannabis has reached your desired RH level.

Also Med-FRESH believes that RH50% plus or minus a few point is the ideal RH level for long term Cannabis Storage. Med-FRESH’s Research showed that the Internal RH level is directly related to the External Temperature in the facility that the Cannabis Storage Unit is located in. The lower the temperature the wider the RH range. E.G. We have seen RH62% read as high as RH75% in a cold room. At RH 75% your are actually destroying the Aesthetics of the Cannabis.

About Med-FRESH, Inc.

Med-Fresh, Inc. is a privately-held corporation based in Anaheim, CA and founded with the purpose of the application of technology to herbal cures. We support research and the development of similar applications of Boveda’s technology in herbal and generic medicines and supplements.
In 2011 after being giving prototype samples of RH62% Med-FRESH was able to identify the value of RH62% for Cannabis and was able to convince Boveda to start production of RH62%. Med-FRESH then introduced RH62% Controlled Humidity to the Cannabis world through the Boveda product line.
Med-Fresh is presently Researching & Developing Med-FRESH’s own Controlled Humidity Solution Product line.

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